Art Groups

Art Groups

Experience the versatility of Pastel Pencils in drawing and painting subjects from the Natural World in the familiar surroundings of your own Art Group venue.

Learn how to paint the detail of Nature in a realistic style with Anita Young.

A number of different types of event can be arranged to suit your group size, time availability and learning requirements – from basic demonstrations to full day workshops.
Contact Anita on 07813 536463 for further details or to discuss your Art Group requirements, or complete an Enquiry Form here

Example event formats :

Demonstration – (2 hours)

Demonstration of key Pastel Pencil techniques required to represent subjects from nature – fur, feather, texture, etc.

Demo and Dabble (D&D) – (2 to 3 hours)

A one to one-and-a-half hour Demonstration followed by a ‘Dabble’ session in which group members have the opportunity to produce a small version of the demonstration piece from a reference photograph supplied. Pastel Pencils, materials and tools will be provided in a special ‘Dabble Pack’.

Half-day / Evening Workshops – (3 hours)
Full-Day Workshops – (6 hours)

Half-day, Evening or Full-day Workshops can be tailored to your group’s requirements at your regular meeting venue.

Price Guide

Prices for all of these events depend upon group size, materials required and travelling distance to your venue.

To book an event for your group, simply call Anita on 07813 536463 or use the Contact Page to send your enquiry or requirements.

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