The Babysitter – Limited Edition Prints available now

Anita’s latest painting ‘The Babysitter‘ depicts a playful young wolf cub clambering onto his long-suffering ‘babysitter’ who is trying to take a well-earned rest in a patch of wild chamomile.
Limited Edition Prints are available in 2 size formats – one at the size of the original painting 332mm x 278mm, and the other a smaller format of 255mm x 210mm.  A percentage of net proceeds from sale of prints will be donated to The UK Wolf Conservation Trust.
Read more about The Babysitter here.
Purchase The Babysitter via the Ordering Page here.


The_babysitter, 31/3/15, 11:48 am, 16C, 5860x6658 (0+1043), 100%, Custom,  1/12 s, R68.5, G45.7, B48.7


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