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Dog Eye Study

Calling all nature lovers

with an eye for detail !

If you love to draw and paint the natural world and appreciate the beauty of nature’s detail then read on . . . .

Whether you are an individual, a small group of friends or an Art Group looking for tuition in the medium of Pastel Pencil – workshops and courses can be arranged to suit your needs.


Studio workshop

Workshop in progress at Painted Feather Studio

For individuals or small groups of up to 3 people

‘Taster’ or bespoke workshops can be arranged at Painted Feather Studio, Higher Whitley, Cheshire


One day ‘Taster’ Workshops – Painting Nature in Pastel Pencil

Apple - AVM Workshop Example

Apple – AVM Workshop Example

These workshops will appeal to budding or experienced drawers and painters keen to learn the techniques and materials required to represent the beauty of nature in fine pastel detail – fauna, flora, fur and feathers, animal, vegetable and mineral !


Animal, Vegetable or Mineral ?
Learn key techniques for using pastel pencil to represent the various textures of Mother Nature’s essential elements – animal, vegetable and mineral.
Cygnet - workshop example

Cygnet – F&F Workshop Example

Fur & Feathers
Learn the essential techniques required to draw a pastel pencil study of a mammal or bird.
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Comprehensive course of 4 one-day workshops

Learn to draw and paint Nature in pastel pencil from basic techniques to full composition during 4 separate days, typically arranged over 4 consecutive weeks.
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For Art Groups

Art Group members absorbed in drawing a bird study

Art Group members absorbed in drawing a bird study

Experience the versatility of Pastel Pencils in drawing and painting subjects from the Natural World in the familiar surroundings of your own Art Group venue.

Learn how to paint the detail of Nature in a realistic style with Anita Young.
A range of different types of event are available to suit your group size, time availability and learning requirements – from basic demonstrations to full day workshops.


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Example workshop subjects

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